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U-Shaped Kitchen

Named for the "U" shape it resembles, this kitchen is popular in large and small homes alike.Perfect for families who use their kitchens a great deal. Provides plenty of counter space. Efficient work triangle. Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen shape is one of the most flexible and most popular, providing a compact triangle.Very flexible layout design Major appliances can be placed in a variety of areas Work areas are close to each other

Island Kitchen

KitchenThe block kitchen (or island)is a more recentdevelopment, typically found in open kitchens.Both the stove and the sink are placed where an L or U kitchen would have a table, in a freestanding "island", separated from the other cabinets.

G-Shaped Kitchen

Built very much like the U- Shaped with the addition of an elongated partial wall, the G Shaped kitchen offers a Great deal of space.Ideal for larger families. Plenty of counter and cabinet space Multiple cooks can function. Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar

Galley kitchen

It is defined as a long, narrow kitchen that has counters on either side of a central walkway.The counters can be interspersed with appliances, sin cabinetry and other functional items.

SingleWall Kitchen

Designed for Small Residences the Single wall kitchen offers a very open and airy feel.Ideal for apartments. Works well with the open designs in contemporary homes Small moveable table can provide eating space Can be enhanced with the addition of an island
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